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Sympathy for the Devil // The Rolling Stones

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Linkin Park - The Messenger

When life leaves us blind 
Love keeps us kind 
It keeps us kind

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Nine Inch Nails - Every Day is Exactly the Same



This right here, ladies and gentlemen, just might be the best beauty-and-beast-story ever.

Because any little girl (or boy for that matter) should grow up knowing that you could be a giant green ogre, and you’d still be bloody gorgeous to the ones that matter.  And not in the “oh, I can overlook your flaws” -kind of way. But in the “those aren’t flaws, they are beauty spots!”-kind of way.

Rant finished.

the donkey fucked a dragon

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Yep, it’s that good.

The real song, from the album.

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Strawberry Fields Forever | The Beatles

"We were trying to write about Liverpool… and I just listed all the nice sounding names, just arbitrarily… I mean, I have visions of Strawberry Fields. And there was Penny Lane and the Cast Iron Shore… and they were just good names, just groovy names, just good-sounding. Because Strawberry Fields is anywhere you want to go.

- John Lennon in a Rolling Stone interview, 1968.